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Member Questions

Five Star Sitters offers a variety of memberships and packages in order to fit your needs. All of our reservation fees are processed through our secure, online credit card processing portal. However, you will only be charged for the reservation fee, membership fee, or placement fee. You will be required to pay the Care Provider directly on the day of service.
Five Star Sitters requires 12 hour notice for any booking made through our website.
All Babysitters have a three hour minimum for a booking.
We provide various memberships for our clients to suite their needs. The Monthly Unlimited Membership provides members with an unlimited number of reservations each month. There are restrictions. Memberships are not transferable and we can only guarantee reservation requests with at least 24 hours notice. Members will be charged their membership fee each month. Members will be notified when their membership is set to expire.

The Reservation Packages Membership provides memberships with a set number of reservations for a discounted rate then a one-time fee. The more reservations per package, the less each reservation costs. Each reservation request is deducted from the number of reservations purchased. Members will be notified when their package is complete and when it has expired. All packages must be used within one year of the purchase date.

When placing part time/full time care providers, or fulfilling a long-term assignment; a one time, non-refundable fee is assessed based on the care provider’s gross annual salary. One-time service fees and other pricing is listed on our Services/Pricing page.
Five Star Sitters guarantees to provide a care provider for reservations made at least 24 hours in advance. If a care provider cancels for an unforeseen issue within 24 hours of the reservation, Five Star Sitters will work diligently to provide members with a different care provider. In the instance where an additional care provider is not available, Five Star Sitters will credit the member’s account for the reservation fee.

For part time/full time positions, we work diligently to ensure that the care provider we find for your family is the perfect match. If for any reason a care provider is terminated or quits, we provide the following credits:

1 – 90 days: Free replacement
91 – 180 days: 50% credit towards your next hire
181 – 365 days: 25% credit towards your next hire
Five Star Sitters only charges members for the reservation fee. Members are required to pay the care provider directly via cash or check.

Please note: Five Star Sitters will assist care providers in attaining fees and payment for any returned checks due to non sufficient funds. Members will be responsible for a $35.00 fee for any check issued to a care provider that is returned in addition for payment of services.
Once we have confirmed a sitter for your reservation, the reservation fee is nonrefundable. In order to receive a refund or credit to your account, you must cancel your request prior to a sitter being confirmed.
Five Star Sitters does not have a formal interview process for on-call care providers. However, we understand the importance of members feeling comfortable with the care providers we are sending them. We are more then happy to arrange a meeting for members to interview one or more care providers prior to making on-call reservations. However, we do want members to know that we cannot guarantee a specific care provider will be available for the requested reservation.
We cannot guarantee the availability of a care provider. However, when making your reservation request, you may include your care provider preferences. We will do our best to fulfill your request preferences. We do require that all reservations are booked through the Service; members may not contact care providers directly concerning reservations.
All reservations must be made directly through Five Star Sitters. We cannot guarantee a reservation, or a service level, if reservations are not made through the Service. Care providers are also instructed not to take reservations directly from members and are assessed a penalty fee for doing so.

If you are interested in a specific care provider for a reservation, you may make that preference during your request. We will then work to secure that preference on the date requested. However, we cannot guarantee their availability.

Care Provider Questions

It does not cost you anything to become a Five Star Sitters Care Provider. However, you will be required to fill out an application and go through an interview process in order to become a registered care provider for the service.
Care providers are paid directly from the members by either cash or check. When performing on-call work, you will be paid prior to leaving the member’s location.

When hired for a part time or full time position, you will be paid as agreed upon between yourself and the members (i.e. weekly or bi-weekly). However, should a payment issue arise, please contact a Five Star Sitters representative as soon as possible and we will assist you in handling appropriately.
For on-call positions, work levels vary depending on availability of care providers and your eagerness to work. It is important as a registered care provider that you communicate with Five Star Sitters on your availability and how much you are wanting to work in regards to on-call positions. Jobs are given to the first care provider to respond that matches the reservation requirements.
Five Star Sitters does not require care providers to have formal training. However, we do require that all care providers are CPR/First Aid certified. A Five Star Sitters representative can work with you to obtain this certification. You will be required to provide information on your related experience and professional references for us to contact to verify your related experience prior to you becoming a registered care provider for the company.
Five Star Sitters does not require a non-compete agreement. You are more then welcome to work for other agencies and services. However, you will not be allowed to contact members in regards to joining other agencies or services.
We do not allow care providers to take reservation requests from members directly. Care providers must refer member requests to the Service in order to make a reservation. If you are aware of a reservation request and would like to be considered for that reservation request, you are more then welcome to contact the Service and communicate this information.

Taking reservations directly from members will result in a penalty fee and it is up to the discretion of Five Star Sitters as to whether we continue to use your services as a registered care provider.
Five Star Sitters was created strictly from referrals. We encourage our care providers to refer members and care providers to our services, as this is what continues to allow our business, and in return your bookings, to grow. To find out more information, contact a Five Star Sitters representative.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Questions are categorized by Member and Care Provider questions. Scroll down and click on questions to get quick answers. If you need more assistance, email us at info@fivestarstitters.com.

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